Jon Stewart Explains Republican Mitt Romney

  • Jon Stewart: It's like putting ten percent down on a car, then using the value of that car to get another loan and repay yourself that ten percent and and maybe a little twenty percent... on top for your troubles and then walking away, leaving the car on the hook for the payments.
  • But, for Bain Capital to borrow money from other people, knowing that those debts might never be repaid, while still profiting themselves, I don't know. I don't know how I feel about that business practice. Does it make anyone else uneasy?
  • [video of Romney]: I think it's simply immoral for us as a nation and as a generation, to keep spending more and more money, by borrowing money from other people knowing that those debts will never be repaid during our lifetimes.
  • Stewart: I don't know who that ruggedly handsome guy is but I agree one hundred percent. So there you go and his pitch to Americans seems to be, elect me as your president. I have twenty five years of business experience doing something I believe this country should never ever do.