So I think when the president says fair share, I think there’s a couple of points here, and earlier this hour I said I think there should be a disclaimer underneath, which is the reason why we’re putting up this graphic for you. Because if in fact you’re paying tax on ordinary income and you’re in the highest tax bracket then you’re paying thirty some percent, but then if you take that money that you’ve already paid taxes on and you go and invest and you make a profit, a long term profit more than a year of investment, then you pay another fifteen percent on top of it. And by the way, with the fair share argument forty seven percent of Americans don’t pay federal income tax….But that didn’t get into it, but that is also part of the fair share. So if we are going to be fair to everyone, should those people then start paying something?

Gretchen Carlsson, village idiot of Fox and Friends, attempting to explain why the poor in America should pay even more in taxes, when they can barely pay their taxes now.

Can she just get off her high horse and her head out of her butt? Not everyone in America is a millionaire. Is she that censored and oblivious from real American reality?

People are losing their homes, struggling to pay their bills, having a hard time and wondering when the next time they eat is. And Retching and her delusional Fox News cohorts think that 47% of Americans don’t pay any taxes? They want the dirt poor to pay more?

What a bunch of greedy stuck-up bastards!

How about they switch places with the poor for a change? Then maybe they would start reporting the news the way it is actually happening.

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I still can’t believe they’re bringing out that old chestnut of bullshit and asshattery. 47% of Americans don’t pay federal income tax… they pay federal payroll tax, on their income. Which is paid at the exact same rate, through a different channel. Also, Social Security taxes are disproportionately heavy on the 99%, since they are capped. So, when RNCResearch says that the average tax rate in America is 11%, they neglect to point out the extra 20% that I pay, and most of you pay, and that Mitt Romney only paid on $110,000 dollars, which cost him $13,652.40. In Mitt Romney terms, peanuts. Oh, and Medicare tax works the same way. So, here’s the truth to remember: Every statistic, fact, and figure that you hear from Fox News, Pew Research, or the Republican National Convention, has been doctored into a lie, spun into a lie, cherry-picked into a lie, or it started out as a completely fabricated lie.

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