Here’s a double standard.

Story here.

Basically, a cop got stung. Guy’s a sergeant, 19 years on the force. He took two thousand dollars to taxi a “drug dealer” and fifteen pounds of cocaine.

So, he goes to court. The judge releases him on an unsecured bail, which means that he only owes money if he doesn’t make his court appearance. It’s like not having to make bail at all! Shucks, when I get released on bail, they make me pay money up front. And I have only ever been arrested for traffic violations, not DRUG TRAFFICKING AND CORRUPTION.

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He tells the judge, ‘oh no, judge, i’m going to lose my job and my apartment that i get rent-free because i’m arrested’, and the judge gives him ten days to find a new job and makes sure he’s got a place to stay until his next court appearance. I told a judge once that I would lose my job if a court date was not rescheduled, and I was told that I should have thought of that before I decided to drive without insurance.

The judge ordered his car keys be returned to him. I had to go buy my car out of impound. The judge told him to make sure he didn’t have any guns in his car or home, and gave him time to get rid of any others. If that had even been a question when I got bailed out, I would have been arrested all over again right then and there.

This guy was running drugs in his patrol car, in uniform. He gets considerations that I’ve never even heard of. I had let my paperwork expire. This is a whole other world that he’s living in, a world where consequences are trivial and easily negotiated.

He was a cop. More than that, he was a police sergeant, not some new-blood rookie. Yet, the judge saw that as a reason to cut him slack. I see it as a reason to throw the book at him. His job does not make him above reproach; his job was to be above reproach.

God damn it all. This sucks.

But, not actually a surprise. Here's an interesting article (pdf, sorry) about how and why police corruption is actually quite institutionalized, and how judges, prosecutors, and other officials make it all possible.

By the way, I recently went on a long tear about Michelle Bachmann. But, don’t think that she’s the only name on my to-destroy list. Rick Perry is also Grade-A unpasteurized douchebag. The good stuff in that article is in the second page, which covers how Perry used his authority to order every teenage girl in Texas to take Gardasil, supposedly a vaccine against HPV. He did this without any laws being passed by the legislature, or any approval from the voters. It was all his own, and he made sure nobody could stop him. Even though Gardasil was not fully tested, and was in fact shown in tests to be harmful to patients. Like, fatal. Thousands of teenagers have been poisoned, put into comas, seizures, paralyzed for life, because of this. And, there is no evidence, and never was, that Gardasil is at all effective at preventing HPV. It is straight-up no-shit poison.

Merck got millions of dollars from this arrangement. Guess who Merck gave thousands of dollars as a gubernatorial candidate, thousands more for re-election campaigns, and is now giving thousands of dollars for a presidential run?

Some really great charts on taxes, income distribution, and the debt here.

By the way, Perry is what is called a Dominionist. That means that if anyone asked him which takes priority: Biblical law or the Constitution, he’d pick the Bible. Not a good sign for anyone who enjoys the First Amendment as it stands today. Every single accomplishment that he claims in his campaign is either a lie or a misdirect so blatant and intentional that it could count as a lie. He wanted Texas to secede from the US, but now he’s running around the country telling everyone how much he loves Mer’ka. So Presidential. Also, point out that he’s running around the country, when Texas is suffering badly. There’s no leadership, there’s no coordination. Southern Texas is trying to figure out where to get its drinking water from, and we can’t even raise the funds to stop breaks and leaks in our water mains. It’s about to get to the point of draining the lakes, and after that there’s nothing to do but call FEMA or evacuate. Yesterday, I watched a pigeon drop dead mid-flight. That’s not a good sign. Perry doesn’t give a shit. Perry thinks that all government regulation on all business should be immediately done away with. Regulation is the difference between business and crime. He knows this, he doesn’t care. He is being taken care of by business, he stands to gain even more from crime. He wants the government to stop taking care of people, and he wants to get rid of all the laws that take care of people, and he wants to hand this country over to corporate interests with a big red bow tied around it. The only thing that matters to him is that big businesses get more profitable every day, and that God is in his heaven.

Balls to this guy.

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